What to expect by using our Pro and Awesome Plans

Nb; our design process isn’t valid for clients on the Basic Plan (Basic is a self-build project). 

It is in our DNA. We only exist to serve our clients and we do this by producing great websites for their businesses through our proven website design process.

  • We CARE about you and your success
  • We TAKE CONTROL of the complete website design process – you can relax
  • We DELIVER a high quality website design faster than any other
  • We OFFER training to support and improve your website

a different website design process

creative-brainWe guarantee great results

Unlike other web design agencies, we have a team of web experts and consultants that take complete control over the design process and production of your website. All we need to begin your website design process are a couple of key elements that guide and shape the design and layout for you.

Having key information helps us produce a wonderful website built just for your business in a very structured and clean way, without any cause for delay.

The key elements we require are simply:

  1. Your business logo, and
  2. A completed Design Questionnaire

With those in hand we will be fully equipped to undertake the design and build of your website using best practices and award winning expertise.

Client happiness is how we judge our success. We are the web experts and are best suited to create the design of your website based on what we learn about your business and target markets. This has proven a great success to date and as such, became the underpinning of how My Website Solutions handles client website builds.

We offer clients*:

Due to the efficient way in which our website design process is executed, client intervention during the design phase is not required. Please be advised that meeting fees will apply to compensate should clients request design update meetings.

Can My Website Solutions help you?

Our website design process is pretty awesome, we use it to successfully manage website builds and our business. One of the greatest things about it is the way in which it produces exceptional results for our clients each and every time.

Don’t worry, we don’t encourage clients to develop ad hoc skills in web design but we do love talking and keeping them updated at every stage during a website build.

We are passionate to the bone when it comes to producing great results and love adding businesses to our already buzzing family of successful clients.

Join us, creating an account is an easy 3 step process – once complete, we are with you all the way.


*clients are considered those currently subscribed to a fixed price plan