confidenceNothing is more important than the success of your business. We understand that without your success, we cannot survive. This explanation of our pricing will show the dedicated level of service you can expect.

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When it comes down to ‘how much will it cost to build a website’, it can be very difficult to get a straight answer. In truth, if we apply an educated guess the answer to that question can become simple.

Design Fee (setup)

Building a website without design experience can have a negative impact on a business and that just won’t do. This is why we offer the chance to have our experts build it for you. When we welcome a new client, the last thing we want is for them to launch their website and quite literally fire into the dark.

The small design fee gives us an opportunity to spend some time getting the site looking right and set it up properly, using a minimum viable format, to get our client off to a great start.

Take a look at our fixed pricing tables for more information about the benefits we proudly offer clients, should they choose our expert build service.

Your design fee includes

  • Initial formation of pages and navigation – client specified
  • Brand matching. We take your branding and use it to guide design – the result is always fantastic!
  • Quality assurance

Nb. to keep costs low MWS retains ownership of the website design. But don’t worry, we can offer ownership (via Package and Release) if our hosting doesn’t suit. This service is available after 12 months of continuous service.

Monthly Fee

Your website cost will be very low in comparison to other high quality design companies. The design process we created is efficient,

We are conscious that small businesses may not have budget to get a great website online and market it all at the same time. In effect, we help by reducing the on-boarding (setup) costs involved and use a monthly payment model to help clients improve their cash-flow.

Our hosting and security is very high quality to ensure client websites stay online. In fact, businesses shouldn’t expect any less from a hosting provider.  Month on month our clients enjoy 100% up-time meaning customers can view products or services when ever they like, 100% of the time.

Your monthly service fee includes:

  • Hosting. In our Tier 4 data centre located in Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • Security monitoring and fixes
  • Website backups
  • Support. Your questions are quickly answered
  • Website software upgrades

Nb. hosting begins as soon as the account creation process has been successfully completed. Remember; even though a website is not officially live, service, hosting and security is still active on the website.  Please ask for more details.

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