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Reading First - a short history of trade evolution 

Reading has been the hub of good business for a great length of time. Back in our yester-years in 1801 real commerce began when the Kennet and Avon canal opened to deliver materials and goods. Shortly after the potential of a thriving trade point was promised when the Reading Borough Police (founded in 1836) and Great Western Railway (1841) were established in Reading.

It is fair to say the early 1800's witnessed the birth of what we experience as the trade scene in Reading today and in fact, this era established a strong foundation for growth, the impact being a sharp increase in local population and a clear advancement towards world class commerce.

Like Wokingham, Reading has a busy community of small businesses however the difference here is that Reading has a much broader culture dynamic bringing many different flavours of business and many exciting opportunities for consumers to sample worldly produce.

Today, how are businesses using the internet to modernise their trade proposition and increase revenue?

For a minority, using the web to help boost business still remains a mystery. There are those that refuse to accept the internet can help at all, for instance; some owner-managers in the construction industry and other businesses that rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals are some of those who remain neglectful and lay investment in other areas of business they feel more comfortable with.

On the whole, the majority of businesses have embraced the world of online and use it quite successfully to generate additional revenue, some even exclusively. With that said, there are many businesses in Reading that are unsure of their efforts or what actually is working online or what to do to get above competitors.

Could it be that your current marketing isn't working or is confusing or quite simply, you are unsure of what to do online for the best?

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Taking the right steps to improve Reading businesses

Unlike days of old, it can be relatively easy to promote a business these days by using the internet, and what can make it even better is; if your company has a good following through social media... online marketing is made super-simple if your fans can easily share your good work. Mix in great content (videos, stories, etc) and the results can be exponential and follow on to significantly multiply the reach of your online marketing efforts.

We are simply touching the tip of SEO here so do reach out using the form below for a deeper explanation.

And please don't forget; there is rarely a win/win shortcut to reach business stardom online quickly. It takes a good amount of consistent work and effort to make certain a business can rise above competitors and sustain a good, roaring trade. That's what we do, we guide, nurture and protect your business online.

A consultant based in Reading is available to guide your business to online stardom.