Rates & Commissions

Learn more about service charges and our commitment to providing quality support


Our service offerings are made up of fixed prices. We've done it this way to give complete transparency for small and medium businesses - we respect honesty and therefore, begin with our pricing. The prices displayed on this page are correct as of Wednesday, 11 April 2018 - all are stated in GBP (£).

Fixed Price Websites
For professional website creation

My Website Solutions always produce good quality websites. We ensure this by using a quality control process before websites are handed back to our clients to manage. Each plan includes a content management system and super-fast hosting which is proven to influence a positive search engine rank. In addition, each site is professionally created and fit for mobile display. Expert support is included.

Nb. all service payments are collected by Direct Debit via GoCardless. Subscription payments are drawn monthly.

Full details can be found on our website.

Website Plan





Advanced plan with custom functionality.

Great for businesses that need that little extra to make a difference. Includes consultative direction, competitor analysis, basic e-commerce, membership options and other custom applications, wire-frames, SSL.

The Awesome plan includes 2 additional 1 hour meetings to discover complex requirement and deliverables.




Mid-range, and built by our designers for you.
Great for businesses needing a launch-ready solution and access to additional functionality (add-ons). Includes wire-frames, design, brand match*, page + navigation plan and content design/insertion.




Build your own website with EXPERT support. The entry level plan.
Great for web savvy businesses with a need to offer information to their customers and gain leads through email contact forms. Includes landing pages and blog in an awesome design ready for customisation and expert online support.



Fixed Price ​Meetings
Consultation on-demand

To keep your costs down, our fixed price plans do not offer consultations. This is with the exception of our complimentary Discovery session and 2 additional meetings awarded to our Awesome Plan clients. Further meetings are not normally required however consultation meetings can be booked on request.

Meeting Type




An initial 1-hour consultation to discover client requirement and offer advice.



Meeting time outside the scope of a plan

£98.00 (ph)

Fixed Price Updates
Hourly rates and discounts

Build Time Limit (BTL)

BTL is a time-frame used to make client website builds more efficient. The BTL is a deadline for design work to be completed by.

The following rate table and discounts there-in are available to our fixed price clients only. Fees are payable for work commissioned once a BTL has expired. This includes work on any website that is not yet complete due to delays. Our normal charge for skilled work is £90ph.







Design and update costs (per-hour) outside the plan scope and once the Build Time Limit has expired



0 days




30 days




60 days

Important; by default we do not charge by the hour (we are determined to keep our prices fixed) however, skilled designers are available to build client sites during a reasonable time-frame only. If time to build a website exceeds a BTL we will make charges accordingly, as detailed above. Please make sure you are able to provide content and other website assets before purchasing a website plan.

Package & Release
Move a website to another provider

In contrast to other services similar to My Website Solutions, we offer the possibility to take your website with you should you wish to move to a different website hosting service.




Fixed Price Websites

Extract and preserve website functionality (where applicable) and present in a structured backup folder ready for relocation.


My Exposure Solution
Your business, discovered

This services improves the visibility of your business online and includes high value consulting and monthly reporting to help generate excellent results. You can use My Exposure Solution to improve your social media reach and online sales, this service aims to ensure your business has good coverage and remains reputable online.

The table below shows the pricing breakdown and discount-over-time offer.







12 month consultative service spread evenly over each month. Payments are made on 24th.

£125 (pm)




12 month consultative service. Payment upfront to receive full discount.





Get tailored advice and point your business in the direction for success. With so many pitfalls online and misleading stories to throw you off track, it is a challenge to get it right. 

Our esteemed web consultants have a deep understanding of how the web operates, Damien Wilson is our leading consultant. His input in to the industry is award winning with commissions supporting leading brands such as Superdrug and Fujitsu.

​Online Consultation
Plans - for business success online

Use a web consultant, save money; uneducated trial and error causes big loss in revenue.

Use Cases

  • My website needs refreshing and I want to get it right first time
  • My website isn't working! How can I improve conversions?
  • I have a great idea for the web and want to make it a reality. What do I need to know?




Solution Consultations

Get direct advice and direction by the hour for urgent issues.

Book as and when required.


Essential Consultation

Essential support provided in blocks of 3 hours, to be used within in 4 weeks of purchase.

Nb. an action plan is presented at the end of each 3-hour session.




Goal driven consultations. Plan consists of 10 hours, to be used during 60 days immediately post-purchase. Action plan and 2x reports generated.


Exclusive Consultation

Benefit from exclusive access limited by industry sector - if our client is a print company, we will not provide this service to any other print company.

120 hours over a 1-year period. Delegate;10 hours per month.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reporting.