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When it comes to getting found online in a very competitive market they were recommended to use My Website Solutions. Here Marketing Director Simon Lewington explains how that recommendation has blossomed into a winning partnership that delivers real benefits.

“We began using My Website Solutions almost five years ago after a recommendation from one of our large corporate clients, Invesco. They are an investment bank, a big blue chip, multi-billion pound company and as they felt My Website Solutions was such a good company, which was good enough for us!

Virus removal

“We needed help as our website had been infected with a virus and consequently Google was blocking us and you couldn’t find us anywhere on the search engine. Now, to be honest back then we didn’t really get much of our work from Google anyway. It wasn’t too much of a problem really. But we still wanted it sorted out.

“Damien from My Website Solutions sorted it out and got us back onto Google and then after that he started changing a few things, and got us up search engine rankings and now Google is our main source of advertising. And honestly, while we really thought it wasn’t affecting us, the truth was we didn’t realise what we were missing out on.

“After that we continued to use My Website Solutions in an advisory role and looking after the background of our website and he suggests and implements changes to ensure our search engine optimization is working. It is very consultative and as well as advising us on new trends in Google, things that are happening on Google that can impact on our ranking.

Updating content

“When we write content for the website we send him the text and he tells us what is needed. Just basically optimization and fixing it to make sure everything is working all the time. We do talk to each other quite regularly, and then on occasion we might speak to each other if things are going really well. And every time we put a new page on the website he loads it all up.

“We have a web designer and a graphic design studio so they design the pages. Damien doesn’t get it to look good; he just gets it to work well! For example we’ve great pages on the posters we design, but it is only because of the work Damien and My Website Solutions has done that if you type in poster printers in Berkshire, our page comes up on top.

Auto content distribution: social channels

“They have also helped us with our Facebook and Twitter, so when I update the website it also updates those channels so I’m not updating things three times. They are not so much about business, but certainly bring us more exposure.


“We would certainly recommend My Website Solutions – but not to one of our competitors though! Seriously they offer one outstanding service and they are very knowledgeable about all things online; and they do not try and sell you other services, instead focusing on getting it right.

“There are loads of companies that try and sell you stuff, they’re always trying to talk you into something that you don’t want but with My Website Solutions, Damien is actually advising on different approaches and some of it is not for us and some of it is and we kind of work off that. It builds ideas together really, it is a partnership.”

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