powerful-websites-mywebsite-solutionsOver the past few weeks we have been really busy discovering how to give the best service to our clients. We talked about what businesses should expect from a web design and hosting company such as My Website Solutions. These are just some of the ideas we came up with:

  1. Websites always online – 100% up time
  2. Pages that load really fast
  3. Dedicated server team ready to fix any problem, and
  4. A knowledge base filled with useful articles


Visibility: websites that are always online

visibility-onlineAchieving 100% up time can be a really challenging task. To make sure a website stays online all the time, hosting has to either be in 2 places at once (replicated), or have another redundancy measure in place.

“redundancy simply means if a part breaks which hosting relies on, there’s an identical part waiting to take it’s place instantly. The broken part becomes redundant”.

This is a very expensive yet necessary step to ensuring websites stay online.

After some initial discussions we have decided to partner with Rackspace. The UK’s leading hosting provider.

Speed: discover pages that load REALLY fast

website-speedWe have developed an architecture that equals super fast websites. This means our clients don’t have to worry about losing new visitors because their website is too slow.

This is important because search engines like Google will rank a website down for loading slowly and we don’t want that!

Peace of mind: a dedicated server team to fix any problem

peace-of-mindWe have this covered too! If there is any problem with the hosting platform at all, our guys are on it like a shot. In fact, often before any issue happens!

Another great reason to have a website managed by My Website Solutions.

Wisdom: our knowledge base has the edge

wisdomPart of our commitment to our clients is to make sure they have all they need to make an impact online.

Our knowledge base is growing all the time but if there’s something missing, just drop a support request and we will get it sorted.

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